Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Most Discriminated Against Person in the World

So I was thinking, which is something I do a lot, about discrimination... more specifically about the fight against discrimination especially about the (black) civil rights movement, the (woman's) feminist movement (redundancy intended) and the (men and women's) gay rights movement. The ones I just mentioned are the "Big 3" as I like to call them because they're all the most commonly referred to movements relating to civil rights and the demand for the restoration of them by the affected groups.

These three movements, the gay rights one being the most recent, have fought and continue to fight for equal treatment not only under the law but socially too. The black citizens (male and female alike) demanded to be served equally in restaurants, sit in the seats they wanted to on buses, not be bullied away from voting, have equal access to public services such as education and hospitals and pretty much everything else. They were seen as inferior and stupid and so on and so forth while adult white (men) were seen as far superior in everyway and so because of that they restricted the education, movement, and rights of the black people in order to "keep them in their place." And as such the result was less educated black people due to the failure of their terribly underfunded school system that didn't teach them anything useful and the few that did manage to learn anything, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, learned it fast and learned it early (he entered college at 15). So while not all black people suffered a useless, yet still mandatory, education system most did so because of the adult white male's stereotypical racist views of the black people being stupid, poor etc he physically forced them to become that way, he made them learn less and therefore made them earn less continuing the cycle of poverty and as a consequence crime (due to poverty) from his own stereotypical views! However, a few, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, slipped through the cracks and achieved great things even while being threatened with his life if he dare stand up and fight back for the rights of all black men and women and unfortunately he was murdered but that did not stop his movement, his quest, his desire nor his war against oppression, if anything it strengthened it, he was martyred but his death forced off the chains of his people's oppression and finally they were free! Jim Crow laws were abolished and equality, or something close to it, became widely accepted and now, while racism still exists it is not near as bad as it was before. This is a movement to truly have awe for because they have suffered so much at the hands of white adults.

Now I shall speak of the women's feminist movement which came during and right after the black civil rights movement, the climax coming when abortion was legalized. Women have long since been oppressed by males of any color. Their movements restricted. Their votes denied. Their automony outlawed. Women could not even open bank accounts without their husbands approval up until the 50s and even then the checks had the husband's name on it. When a woman was married she was known as Mr. John Doe her identity was completely dependent on the consent of her husband, her last name lost forever, she was no longer the master of her own body and since abortion was illegal for the longest time her husband could rape her repeatedly to get her pregnant and then threaten harm to the growing fetus inside her and/or after it was born, especially if she didn't want to abort it. She was a prisoner in her own body and there was nothing she could do about it. Women were routinely committed into mental institutions if their husbands got angry at them or if they fought back. Women having the desire to have sex were actually diagnosed as having "hysteria" because while women were supposed to submit to sex whenever their husbands wanted it, regardless of whether or not she did, she wasn't supposed to have any desires to have sex, ever. Women fought long and hard and finally got the vote in 1919. Then in the 70s the women's rights movement exploded. Women were seen as separate from their husbands and they were free. They were recognized as full citizens.

The most recent civil rights movement is, of course, the gay rights movement. Homosexuality has long since seen as taboo (well since Judaism came along really, before that no one cared) and it was even seen as a disease. Homosexuals have been beaten, abused and murdered because they simply didn't like people of the opposite sex. All they wanted to be treated equally without fear of abuse (which of course involved getting married). Nowadays some can even get married! At least in the US. While gay soldiers still face being fired from the military simply because they like people of the same sex. So their fight still rages on and so does the fight for blacks and women.

(UPDATED 9/2/10)

So I never really got around to saying who the most discriminated against person in the world was. Well based upon what I have mentioned before. The three big civil rights movement - black, women and homosexual - are most certainly discriminated against but what happens when you have a black female homosexual? They have not 1, not 2, but 3 strikes against them. They have given their haters 3 reasons to hate them. But what about if this black female homosexual was 15 years old instead of 18 or 25 or 37 or 42? What if this 15 year old black female homosexual had HIV and was uneducated and below the poverty line? What if this poor soul had been raped in her childhood by her father and had to have an abortion? But wait, since she was under 18 and lived in a southern Christian state that required parental consent for her to have an abortion but her father had raped her and her mother was in jail? How about if her family was Muslim or atheist? Which would be worse? What if they were Muslim and SHE was an atheist? What if she wasn't 100% black but her mother was from Syria or North Korea? What if she wanted to run away from her abusive family? Since she's under 18 she is not allowed to do anything without parental permission. She runs away but hired thugs hunt her down and kidnap her to take her back to her family. Or perhaps they want to send her off to a "behavior modification camp" where she will be beaten and further sexually abused if she does not lay on the floor for 8 hours a day or go on hikes for 12 hours without rest or food or water. What if she has anemia and must eat and she passes out? What if she has a physical deformity or must sit in a wheelchair? Will she have any recourse? She's under 18 so she cannot sue, she's not yet 16 so she cannot emancipate (a big word for being "free from bondage/imprisonment/slavery"). What can she do but die?

That is the most discriminated against person in the world.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kids should never be tried as adults but not because they're immature

There's been some debate raging about whether it's right to charge a "minor" as an "adult." There are essentially 2 main arguments both for and against this.

The for side generally has the saying, nay, the motto of "adult crime adult time" which is to say that things like rape and murder are only "adult" crimes which so-called minors (should) never do. However, this is a fallacy and a big one. If one merely takes a peek back in human history, during our more primitive eras one might say, there is strong evidence that these "children" raped and murdered in the thousands if not millions over the centuries. Children are just as capable if not more so capable of killing and raping other people especially adults! So why is it such a surprise when children kill or rape other people? Because society simply not only views, but demands by law, they be innocent and pure and we all know that's a load of horse manure. Children are not pure and they are fleetingly innocent (everyone reading this went through or is going through puberty, right? You know what I'm talking about, once you hit puberty your innocence is gone for good). Since children are fundamentally not pure and very fleetingly innocent what then are they that accounts for their... childlike... behavior? Naivety, of course. Children are kept in ignorance about the real world, they're told nothing about the legal system and their access to it almost impossible, unless of course, they're charged with a crime.

The against side's argument is simple as it is idiotic though I can't blame them for thinking this: minors are incompetent, minors are stupid, minors are immature and therefore they're less "responsible" or "culpable" for their crime. Now THAT is getting a "break" because you're young. I'm not necessarily against getting breaks but not because you're being seen as stupider than a doorknob. The whole idea around this is that they be given the "opportunit[y] to become productive adults. " Which of course means they're not being productive now (because they're incomepetent and are accused of a crime). This IS the brain argument at its height (that people under 25 have undeveloped brains and are incapable of making very rational choices) which is quite frankly a load of bollocks. Why is this a load of bollocks? Let me teach some biology really fast (note: I'm no brain surgeon or doctor): Once you reach 25 your brain does NOT finish developing and become a "complete" brain but instead it goes in reverse -- it means you get stupider. Ever heard of menopause in women? That's reverse puberty. You essentially turn into an oversized baby the older [and wiser?] you get.

But what about really young kids? Like the 9 year old charged as an adult? He killed two people didn't he? I don't know. Perhaps he did. Only he knows for sure. So is his brain underdeveloped? Is he less responsible for his actions? Should he have been charged as an adult? His brain is still developing, that is true as are his emotions, but it's not "underdeveloped" and he's not "less" responsible for his actions but he shouldn't be charged as adult. Why? Because he isn't one! He has no rights as an adult and being charged as one only grants him to ability to be given bail (apparently), he can't vote, he can't smoke, he can't sign contracts, he can't buy a house, he can't buy a car, he can't consent or refuse medical treatment and so on an so forth he can't do anything! Am I saying he should granted the right to smoke or buy a house etc?! Well, he doesn't have the credit to buy a house no lender would dare touch him and should he be allowed to smoke? Smoking kills. You smoke you have the high chance of dying from it but hey so does sugar (hello diabetes) but there's no age limit on that.

It's common sense here. Charge him as an adult give him the rights of an adult. He can go to the juvenile system until he's an adult (which for these purpose seems to be 21! WTF?) then transfer him to the adult system but don't label someone with no rights and only responsibilities and say they were responsible when they did it but deny them the rights of someone who actually is an adult! It's unfair, it's unjust and it's cruel.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We Need More Voters! (Unless You're Underage then don't bother)

Serious Crime or the Greatest Act of Patriotism Ever?

(if you're wondering where I got this image just use google and type "eagle and american flag" or zoom in on the url in the image... you post it... I host it... free advertising fool you should thank me for it.)

Well, clearly we all know my stance on youth rights....


Oh why you ask?
One reason and ONE reason only.

Taxation without Representation.

They can get jobs and they pay taxes -- income taxes, sales taxes etc.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Minors" and Pot - Why We Should Let Them

There's a talk about legalizing marijuana for personal and recreational use. With that there's talk of which age one should be allowed to smoke or be in possession of a said drug without risk of being hauled off to jail, being charged as a minor, possibly being raped in prison or otherwise assaulted, being introduced to much harder drugs due to the fact that prison are the very highest form of an insecure facility, being raped and assaulted by prison guards, losing the right to vote and so and so forth. That being said jail/prison is an extremely bad place to be. It does not rehabilitate anyone and if it ever has that wasn't due to prison that was due to that individual person.

So the question is, which age should someone be allowed to willingly partake in a plant that grows naturally and has been growing naturally since time immemorial? According to popular opinion marijuana makes you lazy and we can't have lazy kids! They'll become even more spoiled than they are now! We can't have that! Drugs are bad! Kids are bad! We can't have them mixing, no no no *shakes finger*

I humbly disagree

Kids (aka "minors" (it's a dirty word around these parts, ya hear?!) are given drugs today, all sorts of drugs not the least commonly prescribed of which being Ritalin. That's right folks, the "sit down, shut up" drug,

Making your kids subservient to you since the 1960s ©
(oh the irony).

You see the goal of diagnosing someone with ADHD is to drug them up so you don't have to deal with them, why do I know this? Because these are the symptoms associated with ADHD (according to wikipedia).

Predominantly inattentive type symptoms may include:

  • Be easily distracted, miss details, forget things, and frequently switch from one activity to another (Shit, I have 5 pages of homework to do and 4 tests... goddamnit, I don't have enough time to finish all this shit!! Fuck!!!)
  • Have difficulty focusing on one thing (I have too much fucking work like I said!!)
  • Become bored with a task after only a few minutes, unless they are doing something enjoyable (Yeah listening to your voice all day is pretty fucking boring, let's do something that ISN'T so boring... like going outside to play?! WHAT I CAN'T GO OUTSIDE NOW? IT'S NOT TIME TO PLAY... NOOOO)
  • Have difficulty focusing attention on organizing and completing a task or learning something new (depends on whether or not I WANT TO LEARN IT)
  • Have trouble completing or turning in homework assignments, often losing things (e.g., pencils, toys, assignments) needed to complete tasks or activities (who the fuck wants to do homework and all 5 pages of it?! FUCK NO)
  • Not seem to listen when spoken to (just because I don't look like I'm listening, doesn't mean I'm actually not listening, I don't HAVE to look at every single word your mouth forms in order for my ears to hear it)
  • Daydream, become easily confused, and move slowly (if you DON'T day dream, there's something wrong with you, it's easy to confuse anyone if you start spouting bullshit/lies, I'm not going to run everywhere... fuck you want me to sit still!! Which is it? Sit still or run around the place... fuck... I'm so confused!! Time to think about something that isn't so mentally retarded)
  • Have difficulty processing information as quickly and accurately as others (I learn at MY own pace, fuck off)
  • Struggle to follow instructions. (Maybe I'd follow them IF YOU EXPLAINED THEM MORE CLEARLY, ASSHOLE)

Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type symptoms may include:

  • Fidget and squirm in their seats (sitting down for 5 hours is killer on the joints)
  • Talk nonstop (I'm tired of hearing YOU talk so much, now it's MY turn, bitch)
  • Dash around, touching or playing with anything and everything in sight (I'VE BEEN SITTING IN THE FUCKING SEAT ALL DAY, I'M BORED AS FUCK)
  • Have trouble sitting still during dinner, school, and story time (I'VE BEEN SITTING A FUCKING CHAIR ALL DAY, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT, MORE SITTING? FUCK NO!)
  • Be constantly in motion (I'm like a shark if I don't move I die... of boredom)
  • Have difficulty doing quiet tasks or activities. (Well... exCUSE me if moving things around cause noise and disrupt YOUR day, YOU aren't forced to sit a fucking chair without moving ALL DAY LONG, ARE YOU?)
and also these manifestations primarily of impulsivity

  • Be very impatient (Being forced to sit in a hard, cold chair all day will do that to you... NOW LET ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING CHAIR ALREADY)
  • Blurt out inappropriate comments, show their emotions without restraint, and act without regard for consequences (Yeah like "fuck you teacher, I'm not sitting down anymore! My joints are killing me!? What about exercise is good for you do you NOT understand?! No one everyone is so fat nowadays, STOP STIFLING MY EMOTIONS!!! I'm fed up with your bullshit teacher, let me fucking out of this fucking prison already!!!)
  • Have difficulty waiting for things they want or waiting their turns in games (I WANT TO GO HOME NOW, WHAT ABOUT NOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND YOU FUCKWITS?!?)
You see this? All these symptoms are NORMAL CHILDREN BEHAVIORS!
Children are being forcibly medicated (remember they can't refuse or consent to medical treatment!)

This is the type of drug children should NOT be on under ANY circumstances for these behaviors. Side note, did you know there's a fucking "disorder" called

Which symptoms are THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT:

A pattern of negativistic, hostile, and defiant behavior lasting at least 6 months, during which four (or more) of the following are present:
Note: Consider a criterion met only if the behavior occurs more frequently than is typically observed in individuals of comparable age and developmental level.
  1. often loses temper (dealing with assholes all day is an unfortunate side effect)
  2. often argues with adults (OMFG, DIFFERING OPINIONS!??1 HOLY SHIT!!)
  3. often actively defies or refuses to comply with adults' requests or rules (Unreasonable rules are intolerable)
  4. often deliberately annoys people (you fucking annoy me, asshole)
  5. often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior (that's right bitch it's YOUR FAULT! No really... it is, you caused this, asshole)
  6. is often touchy or easily annoyed by others (YEAH, YOU)
  7. is often angry and resentful (Wouldn't you be angry for being treated like an incompetent monkey all the time?!)
  8. is often spiteful or vindictive (I WANT TO CONTROL MY FUCKING LIFE ASSHOLE)
No wonder kids want to smoke pot! No wonder ANYONE wants to smoke when they're treated worse than dirt just because they're under 21!

Yep, I said 21 not 18. Why? Because the argument is that no one under 21 is competent enough to handle marijuana (hurr durr when they can handle RITALIN? What the fuck shit?!)

Why is this? Well since alcohol can kill those under 21 marijuana can too right? WRONG. Marijuana has not killed a single person, or caused cancer etc. Nothing of the sort. So why 21? Because 18-20 year olds are not adults and HELL NO under-18s are sure as HELL not going to be able to smoke the sacred grass because it makes them lazy!! Well that's what you wanted you fuckshits, those erroneously diagnosed with ADHD were too active and now that there's a drug they actually WANT to take you deny them it?! What the motherfucking hell?!

Yeah, so we should let them. Why should we let them smoke? Here's why (besides the fact they're all already drugged up with ritalin and the like which causes some nasty side effects, marijuana only causes sleepiness and munchies.... not near as bad as ritalin's)

  1. HARMLESS -- they can't overdose on it no matter how hard you abusive parents shove it down their throats (that's right you crazies, you can't kill them with ritalin anymore!! HA AHA HA)
  2. Side effects - sleepiness and munchies
  3. They don't have to smoke it retards, they can eat it in food or drink it in tea if you're so damn concerned about "lung cancer" (no one has ever gotten cancer from smoking marijuana either, HAHAHA)
  4. They already do it rather you like it or not but are getting imprisoned, introduced to drugs and people that will ACTUALLY eventually lead to their death and losing financial aid for school so WHAD'YA KNOW they're forced BY LAW to go back on the streets BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD TO GO TO COLLEGE BECAUSE OF A DRUG CONVICTION AND BETTER THEMSELVES SO THEY'RE STUCK OUT ON THE STREETS. GREAT ENCOURAGEMENT LAWMAKING ASSHOLES.

Friday, October 2, 2009

It was Consensual Officer! Why are you charging me with rape?

Two consenting people have sex, does society have a problem with that? One would generally want to say 'No' but alas if you're under 18 or s/he's over 18 you can't consent to sex or sexual things, because you're incompetent. And even in the states where you can consent at a younger age (16+) you still can't take pictures of it, because then you'd be in possession of child pornography. Yes, you, YOURSELF, are bound by pain of being registered as a SEX OFFENDER to not take any too provocative pictures of yourself (you don't even have to be naked) and if the cop's penis twitches, say goodbye life as you know it.

Doesn't this world suck? Isn't this world unfair? Aren't people truly evil? They are and these things need to change NOW. No, not now, several thousand years ago they needed to change, oh wait, just kidding because people under 18-16 WERE ALLOWED TO HAVE SEX WITH ONE ANOTHER YOU FUCKING FAGGOT AUTHORITY FIGURES.

I want to hit them, hard, I want to smack some sense into them because they're are so fucking stupid. THEY WANT TO PREVENT THOSE YOUNGER THAN THEM FROM DOING ANYTHING OR HAVING ANY FUN AT ALL BECAUSE THEY'RE NO LONGER YOUNG.

I hate them, I want them to stop, THEY'RE EVIL.

I am raging so hard right now it's not funny anymore. I want to do something to help these victims, we're ALL victims, anyone who has ever been treated poorly because of their age. This is such madness, I swear, the world has gone batshit insane, I can't take this anymore. It's wrong, it's unjust, it's unfair, it hurts, it kills, it maims, it even rapes (go to jail, get raped, ????, kill yourself... I would anyways).

Why are you so evil? What have we done to piss you off so much, great authority figure? Are you so jealous of us you must seek to punish us at every turn?

I hate you.

You need to stop.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Justice System Says I'm an Adult, So Where are My Rights? (prepare to be mindfucked)

Truth be told, if you're under 18 you're legally considered to be an adult.

True story look up just about any news story about someone under 18 being charged "as an adult." "As an adult" is a a simile (like or as) According to this is what a simile is:

"A common figure of speech that explicitly compares two things usually considered different"

An adult is considered different from a child (or legally, a minor) and that cannot be debated, at least on a legal standpoint... well almost... on some levels.

Since the "minor" is being charged "as an adult" this LEGALLY means they are an adult. (As also meaning they ARE, "as you were" = "do what you are doing"). So if I were under 18 and was accused of certain crimes (any involving bodily injury or attempted bodily injury). I knew what I was doing because I am an adult!! (Minors, legally don't know they're doing, but are still held responsible and are still sent to jail and what not... boy, the contradictions keep mounting on top of one another).

Adults are ALL considered responsible (introduce me to one, PLEASE) and therefore they're RESPONSIBLE for their actions and as some retarded hicks love to say "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime" (**Throws rocks at them to shut them up and make them realize how much of an asshole they are***). Minors are considered to be partially responsible for their actions but their actions are so heavily regulated that they're asking to get caught. The pressure is simply too high for most if not all to break, if only in the US.

Long story short: You're under 18? You're a minor. You're under 18 and commit a crime? WELCOME TO THE RESPONSIBLE WORLD OF ADULTHOOD... 20 TO LIFE!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Underage Drinking - It's more dangerous to your life than you'd think (but not for the reasons why you'd think)

(srsly guys... WTF?!)

Underage drinking is dangerous to your health and your safety. Underage drinking can ruin your life, your grades can be so inhibited by your underage drinking that you are forced to drop out of school, you may be fired for underage drinking and you may be killed due to the effects of underage drinking being in places you never wanted to be... because of underage drinking... You can be forced from your home for not being able to pay bills for underage drinking. You can be put into some of the most traumatic situations due to underage drinking, you can be raped underage drinking. Underage drinking may lead to your death.

What's wrong? Have I changed? Have I fallen... MADD?


HAHA, no I haven't. When I speak of "underage drinking" I speak of this.... let's replace it what I really meant... the effect of getting caught... underage drinking....

Getting arrested is dangerous to your health and your safety. Getting arrested can ruin your life, your grades can be so inhibited by your getting arrested that you are forced to drop out of school, you may be fired for getting arrested and you may be killed due to the effects of getting arrested being in places you never wanted to be... because of getting arrested... You can be forced from your home for not being able to pay bills for getting arrested. You can be put into some of the most traumatic situations due to getting arrested, you can be raped getting arrested. Getting arrested may lead to your death.

It's true many people die in jail, are raped, or are lead into a very very terrible life, far more terrible than they could have EVER imagined with merely drinking, and being under 21. They may be adults but the so-called "justice" system sees fit to treat them like children yet punish them like adults. It's a triple paradox:

ADULT (18-20) right = MINOR (child) charges = ADULT punishment

It's cruel and it's unusual and quite frankly it's