Friday, October 2, 2009

It was Consensual Officer! Why are you charging me with rape?

Two consenting people have sex, does society have a problem with that? One would generally want to say 'No' but alas if you're under 18 or s/he's over 18 you can't consent to sex or sexual things, because you're incompetent. And even in the states where you can consent at a younger age (16+) you still can't take pictures of it, because then you'd be in possession of child pornography. Yes, you, YOURSELF, are bound by pain of being registered as a SEX OFFENDER to not take any too provocative pictures of yourself (you don't even have to be naked) and if the cop's penis twitches, say goodbye life as you know it.

Doesn't this world suck? Isn't this world unfair? Aren't people truly evil? They are and these things need to change NOW. No, not now, several thousand years ago they needed to change, oh wait, just kidding because people under 18-16 WERE ALLOWED TO HAVE SEX WITH ONE ANOTHER YOU FUCKING FAGGOT AUTHORITY FIGURES.

I want to hit them, hard, I want to smack some sense into them because they're are so fucking stupid. THEY WANT TO PREVENT THOSE YOUNGER THAN THEM FROM DOING ANYTHING OR HAVING ANY FUN AT ALL BECAUSE THEY'RE NO LONGER YOUNG.

I hate them, I want them to stop, THEY'RE EVIL.

I am raging so hard right now it's not funny anymore. I want to do something to help these victims, we're ALL victims, anyone who has ever been treated poorly because of their age. This is such madness, I swear, the world has gone batshit insane, I can't take this anymore. It's wrong, it's unjust, it's unfair, it hurts, it kills, it maims, it even rapes (go to jail, get raped, ????, kill yourself... I would anyways).

Why are you so evil? What have we done to piss you off so much, great authority figure? Are you so jealous of us you must seek to punish us at every turn?

I hate you.

You need to stop.


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