Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Treatise on Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and the Rights of Youth in America

An Voice that has yet to be suppressed is still a free voice.

"Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains. "
Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) Swiss political philosopher and essayist

I sit here a free human being. I am a free woman, a free Caucasian, a free adult, a free European, a free college student, a free liberal, a free atheist, and a free and uninhibited generally healthy person. There are no laws to prohibit me from doing what I like so long as I do not harm others.

You see, laws were made with the purpose of protecting people from other people and occasionally, themselves. This a good thing we all assume. By no means do I disagree with the notion that humans need protection from other humans as humans are always out to get one another for a few reasons (but not limited to) that I shall list below:

1. Money
2. Power
3. Sexual Control
4. Inheritance/Property Control
5. Revenge
6. The aggressor has become mentally unstable and choose to randomly attack or threaten people with no actual reason or forcing to do whatever it may be by outside forces.
7. Boredom
8. Being forced to do something by others.
9. Being tricked to do something by others.
10. Believing what they're doing is right, or just or good.
11. Being forced to do something due to the economy or financial situation.
12. Being to physically ill (but not mentally) to know right from wrong.
13. Being too mentally incapable but not crazy to understand right from wrong. (Brain damage, etc).
14. Just because they felt like it.

And so on and so forth.

People do terrible things to one another, always have and always will. That I do not think can be effectively argued against and it is an absolute. Humans want things and they need things too. It is human nature to want, to desire and that is part of survival, that is part of the human experience, of being human.

The Chains of Humanity

Humans are inherently born free but they are also inherently born with chains attached to them. Invisible chains that are almost impossible to sever. The human is born at first with a chain to his/her parents then if the parents fail the child as determined by the State at which the parents reside the child is then chained to the State. The child is under the guidance and authority of the State for ALL of his or her needs. There is no defense or escape from their authority until the child reaches late adolescence. Then, if granted, a few links of the chains are weakened but not actually cut or perhaps one could say the chain in merely lengthened but the child, the human, is still not released from the control of the State. The State makes a terrible parent says many, even those on the inside can admit to this travesty of a situation, this rape of justice, this execution of freedom.

This country we reside in, the United States of America is not what it promises nor has it ever been. Every "freedom" we have has not been granted freely nor has it been granted to everyone. Some of us are trapped more than others in the prison that is humanity. The so-called "children" are the current and thus far eternal prisoners of this country. There is little hope for people to listen to them, much less care, if they are lucky enough.

This is disgusting and wrong and must change. There is no reason to be so cruel to humans and to discriminate against them merely based on AGE!

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