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Liberal Incarnate: A Voice of Freedom - Drugs Part I - Rewritten and Revamped: So I don't sound like I'm so angry :)


This is no simple issue to debate or even have a simple conversation about but I'm tired of people telling me things that simply are not true and quite frankly piss me off. Since I've had enough of it I'm going to do something about it... and that is?

Write about it.

The [True] History of Drugs
I never said it was "The [Untold] History of Drugs"

The "War on Drugs" has been a problem in America since the white man had power-- and that was since the white man discovered there were non-whites on the planet-- he has vied to control others he deemed "lesser," white women were no exception to the white man's desire for dominance, even over people in his own racial category, (run-on sentence anyone? Prepare for more... I like to ramble coherently) others have suffered at his hands.

However, the white man is not alone in his power-seeking-agenda, all men and even women (there's more of us than you'd think) of any and all racial categories have sought it and sought to keep it. It's only natural to want to be in control of your life, and to subsequently manage the lives of those other people who happen to reside in your general area and don't seem to fit in with your ideas and perhaps even your religion (if any but we'll get into that later). It just wasn't right and the people in power (more often than not a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) - at least in the USA, Canada and Europe - the natural "home" of the white man) not only wanted power, but money and money and power taste delicious when combined with a cold beer.

So far as the history of drugs and the making of certain ones (deemed harmful) illegal in the eyes of those with the power and the money it all began with racism.

Racism in the United States of America is older than the country itself. Slaves were bought and sold by the dreaded "white devils" and before that they invaded sacred Native American land and killed millions of Native Americans in order to obtain the precious resource the Natives were blessed with and the white man decided was his, land. The "white devils" took the land, took the food, slaughtered the bison (for fun) and raped the women and children and killed as many men as possible.

Why on earth would someone do such a thing? Because they were the other people; the people that weren't really people, the unbelievers of God, their language* was different (many many languages were not English or French or German, those might have been acceptable but alas, they were none of the above) their skin wasn't white, their culture was filled with mysterious traditions and songs and crazy dancing (they didn't like dance) and many other things that just singled them out as not falling into the category of being humans-- they were just too different, just too simple, their weapons weren't powerful enough and their people weren't united enough to stop a takeover of their lands and an imprisonment of their bodies and minds.

This isn't even the beginning of racism in the world, just America.

I edge closer and closer to the point of my history of drugs.... at least in America...

Racism: The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.* By this definition or similar those who sought to have power over those they deemed different, took power, and like I said before wanted to keep it.

After the slaves were free and immigrants (legal and illegal alike) from all corners of the globe came in to "invade" America the white man was afraid of losing power to the other people because he claimed the land called America and wanted to keep it for himself. The Chinese, who mostly through their labor built the railroads and worked tirelessly for little pay and no respect, used opium so they could get through the day.* At that, the Chinese, since the importation of opium into the USA, the Chinese people themselves were banned from entering the USA. Why? Because the Chinese were getting a lot of work done and bringing in something that wasn't a "white man's drug" ... those would be beer and tobacco.


This is an on-going story that I am writing and I will announce when I am finished with the entirety of it. Feel free to make comments now, however you do not have the whole story.

*Listing of Native American languages can be found at:
*Opium and the Railroads:

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