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Liberal Incarnate: A Voice of Freedom -- Drugs Part 2

The [True] History of Drugs

Then there was Marijuana, also commonly known as Weed, Dope, Pot, Mary-Jane etc. Marijuana is, and let me make this clear to all of you who do not know this, a plant. Marijuana is a naturally growing PLANT. It has been here since man were monkeys and civilization was something yet to be dreamed of. Marijuana is also known as Cannabis, the plant we know and hate so much is called Cannabis Sativa.

The most commonly reported effects of smoking Cannabis include:
  • Sleepiness
  • Hunger (aka "the munchies")
  • Feeling of being connected with the universe (or some higher power)
  • Mild hallucinations (if any)
  • Paranoia
The most common negative side effects of smoking Cannabis include:
  • Sleepiness
  • Hunger (aka "the munchies")
  • Feeling of being connected with the universe (or some higher power)
  • Mild hallucinations (if any)
  • Paranoia
  • Pain relief -- WAY better than Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Darvoset, Vicodin etc. -- without the possibility of addiction... or death! (or serious stomach ailments... Thank You Ibuprofen!)
  • Mood stabilizer or normalizer -- for those with Depression
  • Reaction-time decreaser (if you're REALLY high to where you cannot operate a vehicle and also value your life and the lives of others: DO NOT DRIVE)
  • You might not even be able to get high :(
That seems to be about it in regards to its effects. Now, people who have mental problems or a tendency to have them should not take any drug that would agitate the problem, legal or illegal...well people who have been recommended it by a doctor...it's his word against mine and I don't owe $100,000 in loans to medical school.

The most common way of taking Cannabis is smoking, however some of the other ways are using a vaporizer and cooking into something like a cake or cookies something else that would require butter of some sort. Cannabis is classified as a hallucinogen however based on what I have heard one does not hallucinate, per se, but imagines a world unlike their own and is transported to it --- all in their own heads of course.

Marijuana, Cannabis or whatever else you want to call it has never maimed or killed a single human being or animal in its history of being used. The same cannot be said for federally APPROVED prescription and legal drugs like: ****
  1. Valium
  2. Xanax
  3. Alcohol
  4. Vicodin
  5. Oxycontin
  6. Tobacco
  7. Ritalin
  8. Ephedra
  9. Ibuprofen
  10. And any warning label on a drug that says if you take more than the recommended dosage...aka overdose, you die. (you should all live by this, and read the warning labels!)
Number of deaths in the history of history caused by Marijuana: Zero

Now let me tell you a summary of how Marijuana has been outlawed, banned, forbidden, punishable by fine, imprisonment (up to life,) inability to get student loans, get a job, keep your children etc.

Racism. As I said before Racism is the reason why most drugs have been banned. As for Marijuana, like the Chinese with Opium, was banned because Mexicans were bringing it over, selling it, and getting rich off of it, as were African Americans and so on. The white man, was afraid of losing his white woman to the minorities so he outlawed it and put the minorities, who were typically the ones who used the drugs, into jail and labeled them as criminals, as evil people who are a threat to society and should be punished!* And so they were. This applies to Shrooms, Meth, Cocaine etc. All of these drugs brought profit to the minorities and it was taken away from them by the white man, this did not only happen in the US but in most of the countries now.

As for Marijuana, it in its particular case it was outlawed because Alcohol had recently become legal again in the United States of America and the extra police force hired on to deal with the Alcohol didn't want to be out of a job... they needed something to do. This was also right smack dab in the middle of the Great Depression and they REALLY needed law enforcement to prevent the hungry, angry, out of work and homeless masses (also known as poor people) from going 15th Century on Hoover and his cronies.

The entire reason Alcohol was outlawed in the first place is because religious people and some women thought by outlawing it people would be forced to stop using it (because it is thought that once something is illegal and everyone is a law abiding citizen, they would follow the law and stop using it... we all know how untrue that turned out to be) and so drunk people would stop beating their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, wives of friends, other family members, random people, drinking buddies, police into a bloody pulp because Alcohol has a very high tendency to make otherwise calm people into drunken bastards. So in 1920-1933 possessing, drinking or selling ye olde booze was illegal. And the Prohibitionists made sure everyone knew it. Those 13 years were probably one of worst times to be a cop or a law abiding citizen. Let me show you why:


(I prefer you read this rather than me just retype everything I wanted to say)

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Homicides Increased
  • Jails began overflowing (the "drunk tank" was now filled with soon to be hardened criminals)
  • Cases of cirrhosis, poisoned alcohol (for when they couldn't get the GOOD stuff -as Alcohol was illegal and all- and decided to mix it with things like formaldehyde etc.) - See what happens when you give up all control over regulation? People die.
  • Increase in drunk people (drinking did drop off for a year (1921) but picked right back up again)
So after all the social problems they thought they were going to be fixing by outlawing the devil's drink (Alcohol) they just decided (in a nation-wide VOTE, nonetheless) that the Eighteenth Amendment (the Prohibition Law) which had been in place for 13 drunken years should be repealed by the Twenty-First Amendment.

The Government Admits Defeat on the War on Alcohol!
The Government is expected to give a conditional surrender on the historic "Booze Battlefield"
where many anti-Prohibitionists lost their lives for a sip of beer.

Drugs: 1 Government: 0
They lost the war on a drug
(Alcohol IS a drug)
Don't tell me they didn't party after words. I know they did. You know they did.

So how does this equate to the "War on Drugs" nowadays? Like I said before all those Prohibitionist era cops, specially enlisted for their Booze Busting skills needed to keep their jobs especially during the onset of the great depression 5 years earlier. So in 1932 legislation was enacted to outlaw Marijuana! (Though without the obligatory Amendment to the Constitution, because they didn't seem to willing to give people as much of a chance to overturn it)

As for the admittedly dangerous drugs out there, like Meth, Crack, Cocaine etc their dangers cannot be ignored as they are known to cause severe mental problems, physical wounds, sickness and even death. However putting these people away in prison where they still have access to their drug of choice with no support system on either the inside or the outside is NOT HOW TO DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM!

Treatment centers would at least benefit those with the problems, a steady job, a home to come and sleep peacefully at, a safe neighborhood, someone to talk to and no fear of going back to prison because they failed a drug test... this is so easy! Such a simple solution to the problem -- care about your fellow man and help him when he is down! Do not give him a fish, teach him how to fish and where to go to find the best fish and fish with him, and teach him how to clean it, to cook it, to store it. Do these things and people will actually be helping one another. Punishment has never ever nor will ever be the answer to failed "War on Drugs".

Grow up people and give a shit.


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