Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Youth Rights The REAL Part 2

So. Did I forget to mention the legal drinking age in the USA? It's 21. But as I said before I can do just about anything else prior to that once I turn 18.

So am I mature enough to vote and die and have sex and be executed (oh and sent off to Guantanamo Bay where I can enjoy a lovely cock meat sandwich) and do other such "mature" things but I am still too developmentally delayed to enjoy a beer on the porch with my friends and subsequently become smashed out of my mind leading to drunken and possible unprotected sex? To which later if I don't want to feel like I whore I'll report the sex as being coerced or what not and send that asshole to jail? (Awful scenario, I know, but it happens)

Leading onto new and wonderful things, since I was already on to the topic of sex I shall continue on with this even more controversial subject matter. SEX. OOH. SEX.


No really. Who hasn't thought about sex? Mormons, I know you have, a lot. Nuns? Oh yeah! Priests? They apparently weren't paying attention during class when the teacher said "rape is a sin" especially the rape of 10 year old boys. Ouch.

Oh let's not forget the very relevant and historical rape of women. Not just young girls but women of all ages and races. They have been raped and raped and raped and beaten down and disrespected for thousands of years. Treated as mere object, as stupid and weak. As farm equipment (yes, I said that, look it up) and as bearers of children. Which were also treated basically the same way, yes, rape included.

Children, women and minorities have all been treated with massive amounts of disrespect and abuse over and over again and all groups have been subjugated for simply being themselves.

The last group of these original 3 is still being subjugated, controlled, abused, disrespected etc. And that group is of course CHILDREN. Children have had next no to rights forever. And they probably will not have them until they forcefully PROVE to those in control (mostly their controlling parents) that they are not immature little brats.

Up until the age of about 10 (maybe older maybe younger, usually about when puberty hits) children are usually immature little brats. Though this is not a blanket mind-set for those under 10 or before they reach puberty because everyone develops at their own pace and based on their surroundings and their parents they could be reading astrophysics by the time they are 10 and actually understand it (read: hello child genius!) unlike most 40 year olds with a Master's in English, History or Philosophy, hell even Medicine (aka Doctors.)

We've established that there are smart kids out there. Smart kids who are way smarter than most adults. We have also established there are kids who are more mature than adults. Mature, but powerless. When I was 16 I went to Japan, obviously I was mature enough to go, but was powerless when I got there, mostly because under the law I was basically an invalid, unable to make decisions for myself and having to have a guardian sign FOR me... instead of WITH me or sign at all. Same situation in the USA.

I don't know about you but I find all of this disrespect to be highly offensive. (Couldn't you already tell? If not, welcome to the slow thinkers club.)

I am 20 years old and for the most part I am considered an adult (minus the devil alcohol, of course) and can have sex with whomever I like so long as I do commit statutory rape on someone below the legal sex age. Yes, I said that.

What is statutory rape?

According to our wonderful systems of laws and regulations, statutory rape is defined as this:

statutory rape
–noun U.S. Law.
sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of consent, which age varies in different states.
[Origin: 1930–35]

Wow. Only with a girl? So I guess I CAN have sex with a boy under the "age of consent"... not really -- though biased towards women, the older women can be put in jail nowadays -- many female teachers have been who have done such an act. Not that I'd want to... I prefer older males... they are usually less stupid.

This had been ignored until like the 80s because women were seen as harmless, though I really doubt any young boy (typically in high school) would say they were abused by their teacher if she wanted to "get it on" with him or so to speak, especially if she was "hawt." In fact one such case they got married! Did anyone commit a crime? I don't think so. Oh and he was 13 and she was like almost 30 when it began... he's like 20 now and they have a kid together. I think the teacher's first name was Debbie or something. Big age difference but lust (and love too) knows no age and if it's mutual... shut up and go home, leave the lovers in peace, goddammit.

Moving on. The "age of consent" is bullshit. While I'm not a pedo, statutory rape should not be a crime. Rape is rape and there no excuse for forced sex, those bastards need to get raped themselves and once their in jail, I can almost guarantee they will. (What the fuck does that say about our prison systems? I'll talk about that later.) When I was 15 and I wanted to have sex with a fellow 15 year old he technically could be charged with statutory rape! (Because he's having sex with a person under the age of consent even though he himself is under the age too) and I most likely would be treated like a victim! Even though it was CONSENSUAL! Key word! Key word!!! Are you reading...!!! KEY WORD! Not RAPE! NOT FORCED SEX!

the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
2.any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.
3. statutory rape.
4. an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.
5.Archaic. the act of seizing and carrying off by force.
–verb (used with object) force to have sexual intercourse. plunder (a place); despoil. seize, take, or carry off by force.
–verb (used without object) commit rape.

OOh my god, they added statutory rape on the list. That pisses me off. The first definition is compelling a woman through physical force or duress to have sex... which means he probably beat the shit out her until she gave in and he raped her. Last I checked, that wasn't cool. But since when is statutory rape involving force? Never. That's when. They made up this law because they knew teens would be having sex with whomever they pleased (because teens have the most hormones of all and they intend to use them) and they wanted to punish the older person because the teen must refrain from sex until they're 18!!!! OMFG!!! Discrimination!!! Example of!!


Utter and complete bullshit. For all of you labeled as a sex offender because you had consensual sex with someone under the "age of consent" I feel for you and you will get justice some day. I promise. And for those (who are 98% female) who are under the "age of consent" and want to have sex with someone under it over it always remember USE BIRTH CONTROL. And boys USE A CONDOM. DO NOT LET YOUR PARENTS KNOW! Someone could end up in jail!
Your parents are the main reason people end up in jail but not the only reason. Be as discreet as possible and be safe. You are not bad people for having sex and no one should look down on you for doing so, or put you in jail.

Long story short this is my advice:

Have sex, drink, smoke pot but don't drive while doing any of those or after any of those (after sex might be okay) because you're not hurting anyone if you're by yourself, even better. Don't drink alone though, you need someone to splash some water on you if you're really out of it.. or take you to the hospital... don't drink too much.

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