Friday, September 25, 2009

Religion - The Drug that Kills

There comes a time in everyone's life when they become tired of the things in life that make no sense or that are so commonly idiotic that remaining silent is an offense great enough to warrant name calling.

Now is the time to say something, regardless if I have said it before, online or off. I shall repeat myself and I this time I shall lay very clearly my views of religion and its evils.

The Invention of Religion:
A Summary

Long ago in a place far away there was a thought, an actual bonafide, thought. Humans began to use their minds to think and when they did everything was forever changed. Humans being the weak and simple beings that we are need to survive, and we desperately need to survive because dying is very undesirable thing. Many ways were thought of and attempted to prolong life, some worked and some failed miserably and some of which people weren't really sure if they worked but, hey, it was better than doing nothing and so they kept on doing those things. We can call this superstition.

Think about it like this, the sun rises = you're more or less safe, not a ton of dying because you can usually see the cheetah or lion, at least better than you can at night. The sun falls = oh shit, RUN! Your ass is cat meat, because humans cannot see very well at night and when we don't see the lions etc soon enough, death becomes us VERY quickly. Also when it falls it gets cold and when it gets cold, PEOPLE DIE!

As stated before, dying is undesireable, so we must prevent that. What prevents dying? (More than what seems to encourage it, in any case) in case you haven't caught on yet... THE SUN!!! Yes! The sun more or less, more often than not, is warm and helps us see so we, of course, want the sun to be 24/7!! We want it soooo bad we wish and beg someone to make it work!! But no one has the power, no matter who we ask they can't make it come true. So, in our hour of desperation we ask the invisible man in the sky or in the frogs, or in the trees to help us!! But it doesn't work!!! What do we do then? Since we know we can't make the sun stay up all day and all night we must MAKE SURE it rises every single morning, because if it does, death is certain!!

We wish and hope and beg and plead with anyone to make sure this happens because we know NOTHING about this glowing ball in the sky or the twinkling balls of tiny lights at night. It's all a gigantic mystery to us!!! It's so unknown that it has power over us! It determines our fate, or at least part of it, and that scares us to death!! We fear the power of the light and the power of the dark and we must make sure, we must rest our minds that this will not change so we begin to worship the day and perhaps even worship the night because of the power it holds.

We worship the glowing ball of light in the sky first and foremost because it is good! It protects us (most of the time) and is warm!! And we fear the night because bad things happen and night!! We make up rituals in the hopes it will keep the night at bay and to strengthen the sun. It works!! The sun rises every morning without fail!! We have pleased the sun!! We have pleased the life giving and protecting force!! We must tell our children so they know what to do!!

And there you have it, the formation of the very first religion.

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