Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Rights End Where Your Rights Begin - A Fallacy of an Argument

I think we can all assume, if nothing else, that willfully injuring, maiming or killing someone is wrong, no matter your reasons. In a "natural selection" population control way, yes, it helps curb the rapid growth of the human population by having members of the same species kill one another over ideas, beliefs, or control on anything someone can come up with. However, since we are "human beings" we are also supposed to be "civilized" and in a "civilized" society people do not, no should not go around killing one another.

Based on my 20 odd years of life experience, which is not much since the human life span can be up to 120 years max, I have discovered that we are mighty good fakers. Yes, that's it! We faked it. We ALL fake it. We fake being civilized. We pretend to be above our nature, our nature as human beings, nay as animals. As animals who eat both plants and fellow animals. We are omnivores, a small population of animals that eat both plants and animals, so, in other words, we eat everything that is edible for us humans and use everything, and all these things that we eat provide their own nutritional value and further help us develop into "advanced" creatures. I don't see bears building condos out in Colorado. I don't see dolphins building an ocean resort. I don't see Cows building a cow ranch where they raise humans. I don't see any of that. I see humans building condos in Colorado, humans building ocean resorts...though not "in" the ocean, I see humans building a ranch and raising cows for either their milk, which we drink, or their meat that we selfishly and naturally consume.

We are not at fault here, we are bound to our nature, you are, I am, everyone and everything is bound to its nature and we cannot defeat it, hard as we try. Otherwise we won't be human anymore. We do still want to be human, don't we?

What are Rights?

Based on my uneducated definition..."rights" are a concept, created and enforced by humans that no one is supposed to violate. Meaning "I have the right to be alive," "I have the right to not be abused" etc. Rights are something that are supposed to be set in stone, that are supposed to..well... allow people to be people and do what they long as their rights don't intrude on the rights of others- and that is a fallacy of an argument. As I said before if your rights are something that allows you to be you and you do not impose yourself on others or harm them or kill them... whose rights have been limited? Since maiming and killing is wrong... it stands to reason that no one has the right to do that.. (not even the government) whose rights have been violated? No one's.

Therefore no one is harmed so no one's rights have been violated.

Here's an example:

I am a highly religious person and I want everyone to be saved, because I care so much for their souls, so very much.

However, non-religious people or other religious people DO NOT want to be saved (by me, the religious person) and when I try and tell them if they do not convert their souls will burn forever in hellfire and you do not want to hear that. I have the first amendment protecting my free speech as do you have it protecting yours therefore you have every right to tell me to go away and I have every right to say what I want to say, however if you do not want to hear it you can move away and I cannot pester you (because that's just rude) and/or you can tell me to go away if I have invaded your personal space.

See? Everybody wins. No one's first amendments have been violated, you can disagree with what I have to say and you can choose not to listen and go away or tell me to go away if I'm invading your space (if you were there before me).

Make sense? Make sense!

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