Thursday, August 28, 2008

War is Death (But I'd call it Murder)

This blog seems to be taking a slightly different turn-not for the worst. It just cannot be about the things listed on the first post it is much more than that and that's why I'm making this post.

It is Universal and Unchanging - It cannot be denied, misconstrued, altered, fabricated or otherwise changed. War is Death. And everyone knows. Whether the victim is a dreaded "enemy" that horrible horrible person is human too. He or she is human just like you.

The only difference between you two is that the "enemy" is on the wrong side or was raised to believe in something destructive, something violent or perhaps that "enemy" was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Why do wars happen?

Because humans are selfish.

What caused the Sept. 11th attacks?

Honestly I don't think anyone can truly answer that save the people that did it. But it was most likely the fact that the Taliban got billions of dollars in aid and weapons from the US and wanted more. They got so much more.

How does war benefit anyone?

It benefits those with the supplies needed to continue the war and the people who would be employed to "work for the war." And the people who would get rich by pillaging the towns and getting all their money and precious artifacts and other needed resources.

Can we ever stop wars?

We cannot stop them from continuing. They will continue until humanity eventually wipes itself out because someone said something bad or blew up some people on a much smaller scale than total annihilation. We can try and stop those in progress... if those in power were the kind to be easily convinced otherwise.

What is the job of a soldier?

To kill.

Simply put that is what they are trained to do. They kill people. They, with the support, backing and orders from their superiors kill people.

Just remember that when you send your son or daughter off to war they may very return to you as murderers.

Isn't the war in Iraq and Afghanistan for our freedom?

That is bullshit. No really it is fucking bullshit. What freedoms are "we" fighting to protect? The Patriot Act summarily removed lots of our freedoms and by the way violates the Constitution. The "terrorists" didn't have to do a thing. Well, they did attack the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and tried for the White House (Bush wasn't home) but besides the senseless killings we've been pretty good so far. Except for the Patriot Act of course.

Don't knock wikipedia. They're as good as any chum like me (or better).

Long story short:
Terrorists: 2,974 + (for 911 WTC)
USA: 94,562 for Iraq and counting, over 5000 in Afghanistan
(news reports of civilian deaths in Afghanistan are few and far in between)

I think you know who has more blood on their hands.

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